Hospital Management Information System

Be Smart Go Digital

Right use of technology helps a practice to improve patient outcomes, increase patient trust and grow the bottom line.

Maintaining paper records is a thing of the past. A modern practice must be digitized (computerized) to provide best-in-class service and health outcomes to patients. A connected computer system in hospital helps in accurate diagnosis as well as reduces chances of human errors due to miscommunication. Maintaining computerized patient records, billing, inventory and accounts make the practice efficient and cost effective. A digitized practice has an added advantage of easy compliance of healthcare regulations.

HMIS Features

Sehat Central HMIS covers all aspects of end-to-end functioning of hospitals, polyclinics and solo practices.
  • OPD & IPD Patient Administration
  • - Registration
    - Appointments Phone/Walk-In, SMS Reminders
    - Barcoded ID Cards
    - Visit History &Discharge Summary
  • Prescriptions Standardized with Comprehensive Pharma Database
  • - Branded and Generic Drugs
    - Drug Monograph
    - Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts
    - Drug-Allergy Interaction Alerts
  • Billing Administration
  • - Multiple Cash Points Management
    - Department wise Billing
    - Item Discount and Overall Bill Discount
    - Refund of Items
    - Waiver of Dues
    - Deposit Management
    - E-Bill and Bill History - Paid/Due/DepositPayments
  • Pharmacy supported with Comprehensive Pharma Database
  • - Revalidation of Prescription Interaction Alerts
    - Substitution of Drugs
    - Auto-generation of Bills from Prescription Orders
    - Billing for OTC items
    - GST Support
    - Supplier Invoices Recording
    - Variety of Reports - Stock, Disbursement, Invoice, GST
  • Clinical Records(EMR) Standardized with SNOMED CT
  • - Allergies
    - Symptoms
    - Diagnosis
    - Conditions
    - Procedures
    - Treatments
    - Prescriptions
    - Lab Orders
    - Radiology Orders
  • IPD Workflow
  • - Bed Management
    - Admission Date-Time, Reason and Condition
    - Recording of Administered Drug
    - Vitals Recording and Charts
    - Intake and Output Charts
    - Nurse Notes
    - Discharge Type, Condition, Instructions
    - Prepare Discharge Summary
    - Set Review Date - Reminder Notification SMS
  • Pathology Lab Workflow Standardized with LOINC
  • - Order Lab Tests& Panels
    - Lab Reports
    - Manage Lab Order Queue
    - Auto-generation of Bills from Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • - Item Management
    - Stockroom Management
    - Stock Operation Tracking
    - Integrated with Billing
  • Radiology Lab Workflow Standardized with RSNA & DICOM
  • - Order tests with automatic RSNA Code mapping
    - Integrated with PACS
    - Integrated DICOM Viewer
    - Integrated with Sehat Central HMIS
  • Customized Reports
  • - Daily Cash Collection
    - Provider Specific Collection
    - Deposits/Refunds/Discounts/Waivers
    - Patient Statistics
    - And many others

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