Smart Healthcare Technology

Go Digital, Use Cloud, Be Interoperable

There is explosion of information everywhere including in the healthcare sector. The information becomes valuable if it is organized and is easily accessible when needed. Medical records in paper format are a thing of the past. Digital records that are accessible from anywhere is the trend and would soon be a norm. We have built a cloud based platform that fast forwards your practice to the always connected digital age in no time.

We know that most practitioners would love to adopt the new-age technology but are apprehensive of the complex technology that they don't understand fully. We understand these apprehensions of practitioners and hence our efforts are focused on making the solution intuitive that aligns seamlessly with the workflow at your practice.

Sehat Central HMIS is a cloud-based, standardized, integrated healthcare platform. It provides a user-friendly interface to enable digitization and automation of end-to-end workflows in clinics and hospitals of all sizes. The platform fully integrates all departments (OPD/IPD/Lab/Pharmacy) within a healthcare facility as well as enables integration with external facilities (Lab/Pharmacy/Hospital/TPA). It is built ground up to incorporate National Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards and the data captured within the application (History, Allergies, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Lab/Radiology - Orders/Results etc) is, by design, stored in standardized coded format – SNOMED-CT/LOINC/DICOM. This enables interoperability with systems that support exchanging of data using HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) protocol.

We see us playing a key role as an ecosystem player in the healthcare data management, private as well as public domain, in India, as envisioned by the National Digital Health Mission.

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